Hello again, and a happy new year

Christmas for us this year was with my sister’s family in the big, snow-bound Nottinghamshire house where my parents live, and it was a happy one. They aren’t always.  Christmas is all about children and family and some of the earlier ones in particular, were agonisingly poignant.  Even now I see the glaring gap between an increasingly grown up Elodie and her siblings, and feel the lack of a teenage Juliette for her when the fun gets child-oriented.

New year we spent at home with friends.  Amongst them was a father whose eighteen-year-old son died earlier in the year.  He brought chinese lanterns which we lit and released at midnight, which was beautiful.  Steph squeezed my hand and we both hugged our friend and some of us shed tears.  I think the others were oblivious to our thoughts, and that’s as it should be.

2 thoughts on “Hello again, and a happy new year

  1. Dearest Geves -I think all of us (including Rory, who told me so) were thinking of Juliette and what you and the others there might be thinking as you sent those lanterns off into the new year's night sky. We never forget her – whether it's at special moments like these or more humdrum times, when the children are just milling around and she would have injected fun and sparkle. She was brilliant, wonderful, beautiful and we will always miss her. Lots of love – Lucy xxx

  2. I know, Lucy – and thank you. Having special friends like you around us has meant the world to us all. I don't think I would have coped without you. xxxxx

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