Engines and Battles

Made in 1993

Doing “couple” stuff is important for us parents, we all know that.  Marriages need constant tuning, a little turning over of the engine and a good old rummage under the bonnet if necessary. Steph and I used to be so good at doing it.  To keep things running smoothly when they were born, we subjected ourselves to leaky-breasted film viewings, then pushed food around our plates as we racked our brains to remember what on earth we talked about before cracked nipples and hours of sleep per night obsessed us. 

My parents were brilliant at looking after our children, so eventually we were persuaded to escape for the odd night and apply jumpleads to the marriage motor. Even when Juliette was ill we managed a couple of weekends away. It sounds obvious, but I think reminding ourselves often that we were a couple is what kept us married.

Lately, we’ve been a bit rubbish even at spending an evening together.  I suppose it feels less urgent now, and that’s a poor excuse – we probably need it now more than ever.  But our babies are mostly grown, and we lost our common enemy when leukaemia won.  Sometimes I can’t remember what we’re fighting for.  Keep on keeping our family together, I guess.  Well, for my birthday last month Steph booked us a weekend in a yurt.  Maybe we can draw up our battle plans there.

4 thoughts on “Engines and Battles

  1. Morrocan Spa – I understand they are fantastic; trek up Kilimanjaro – ach, you're resourceful – you'll thing of something. Am reading your book (skipping out large chunks where Juliette was sick – just too raw for me at the moment) – your marriage sounds so strong. xx

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