Frinton beach and pink sprinkles

Celeste, Pierre, Younes, Tarik and Haydar with the dogs

Juliette loved the beach.  We were on holiday in Southwold on the Suffolk coast when she became ill for the last time, and we’d had a lot of happy times in the week or so before the day that we lost her.  Yesterday in spite of a sudden bitter wind, we met our very close friends, Saz and Tarik with their children at Frinton beach.  Elodie was at her dance class, and Raphi went to a friend’s party but the nine of us that were there ate our fish and chips swiftly, before a cobweb-banishing walk along the sand with the overexcited dogs.

Pierre freezing, with Celeste and Faiza (deep in conversation)

My lovely sister and her family spent the afternoon with us.  They brought lots of fairy cakes for all the children to decorate. Pink, of course.

Then at four o’clock this morning I had a call from R who helped us with the children when Juliette was ill, and is now a much-loved friend.  She’d just given birth to a little girl and wanted our permission to give her Juliette’s name as a middle name. It was a beautiful end to the day.

2 thoughts on “Frinton beach and pink sprinkles

  1. Love the pink cakes!What a lovely thing for your friend to want to do – adopting Juliette's name for her own precious wee one. What a touching tribute on Juliette's b'day. xx

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