We’re in a confusion of boxes and bags for going away and as we’re camping for a week, it’s packing x 10.  Steph is a hot weather person, and loves returning to his native country, but I “suggested” a few months ago that maybe for once, we don’t go to France this year. Instead, we’re going to the Lake District. 

Steph is a hot weather person, and this area is possibly one of the wettest parts of the UK (clue is in the name) and it looks as though we’ll have rain for the first three days at least.  Normally he would hunch bitterly over the forecasts but there, this time he’s surprised me by not hunching, nor blaming me for deflecting France.  He said last night with a beaming smile that he has “low expectations” for our trip. This is my default mode whenever we go away. I think having low expectations is a great place to start because any good bits are a happy surprise.

We know the area is beautiful, and we’re both looking forward to lots of walking no matter what the weather does.  We’ve promised the children boat trips and possible fishing, so they’re all very excited.  Elodie, never a keen camper at the best of times will be staying with her grandparents for the week.  She’s hoping to ride, sit by the pool and be spoiled by her grandmother. I hope she’ll have a well few days.

I’ve been thoroughly depressed but glued to reports of the lawlessness occurring in London and our other major cities.  It will at least be lovely to be away from the television pictures and rolling internet coverage for a while, walking, eating and drinking with some good friends, and spending time with each other as a family. 

Fingers crossed for no spelling mistakes because we’re rushing out the door, now… 

3 thoughts on “Hols

  1. Thank you SC – it was lovely to get away from the news for a bit. We all loved it. xxSusan, it was great, despite the rain. So beautiful up there but I had to resist the urge to hope over the border!

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