Books behind bars

Yesterday I had an interview for a job, working in two of our local prison libraries.

When I’ve mentioned this to people over the past few weeks, their eyes widen and I can see them working out how to react.  The thing is having thought hard about what is involved, I really want to work there.  I’ve visited both prisons, and I find it quite difficult to put into words just how inspired I was.  Both prisons present challenges – I’m not totally middle-class-naive about the potential issues – but I was amazed at what is offered to inmates and just how positive the atmosphere is.  A rooting of self-esteem, nurtures change for the better.  I absurdly, passionately, want to be a part of it. For the past few weeks and perhaps foolishly, I’ve made the idea of the job a part of my life.

I don’t think the interview went very well.  I came out feeling like I hadn’t shown the best of myself, which is frustrating. I wanted to express what I think I could do for them, and fear I fell short.  Everything I’d meant to say came to me as I was leaving to building.

Damn it.

Still, I know what I want to do now.  If they don’t want me, I’m going to find out what I need to have the best chance next time.

7 thoughts on “Books behind bars

  1. You'd be brilliant at it. Fingers crossed. And if not this one, then another soon I'm sure – you have the motivation and enthusiasm now, which shows when you are interviewed. Sx

  2. Good luck with it, Geves, and well done!! Your compassion and faith in nurturing the human spirit, not to mention your experience of dark and difficult places would be a great asset in a job like that. Let us know what happens!xxx

  3. Geves,It's a general rule that when you think you're aced the interview you don't get it and when you think you've mucked it up, you do get it. When i got my last job I actually did a double take and then asked why they hadn't given it to the other guy who i thought seemed much better suited!Hopefully you'll hear some good news soon – we're all rooting for ya!

  4. I wish you the best of luck. You'd be so good at this job. If the prisons don't take you on they would've missed out on a great member of staff. What's great about all of this is that you feel up to a job and will embrace it if you get it. That's an amazing thing. And if you don't get it there will be something else around the corner!

  5. Petra – xxxxJJ – I've thought about it. I worked on The Compassionate Friends helpline for a while, but I really would rather be hands-on right now and be able to see what I'm doing. Thanks for finger-crossing. I hope I hear soon.

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