That smile


I have lots of pictures of Juliette in frames around the house, but the thing is, they’re old and I’m sadly used to seeing them. But I found this picture at the weekend, tucked between some papers and other photos, and it feels new. I love how she’s looking straight at you. She often is in her photos. It’s almost like she knew how much they would mean.

11 thoughts on “That smile

  1. Beautiful Geves. This is how I remember her. The smile was always there everyday. Thank you for sharing them with us xxxxx

  2. She was just so special. I have some photos of her in my albums somewhere – I shall find them and scan them for you so you can have some more “new” memories of your wonderful daughter and her smile. x

    1. That would be so lovely, Debbie. My sister-in-law was here at the weekend (which prompted the photo rummaging) and she also told me she had some others I’ve never seen. You have no idea what a treasure ‘new’ pictures are. xx

  3. I too treasure photos – I’ve looked at my son’s pictures longer than I looked at him. I understand that feeling. Geves, if you email me a picture that is higher res, I’ll create an image with a butterfly background for you. My son was glowing in many pictures and I feel as if he must have known how special those memories would be.

    1. It’s funny you feel the same way about Jason’s pictures. Juliette love being photographed and I always think you can see so much of her personality, like your son’s in his too. That is such a kind offer, Judy. I’ll look for a better quality picture, but. like you, all our memories are pre-digital and the scanning isn’t great. Actually, I took this one of a print using my phone…very low tech!

      1. I can do a lot with scans. Is there a place that can scan pictures for you where you live? I highly recommend it for archival reasons. What’s also amazing is how the color can be brought back and restored. Think about it. I’d scan pics for you, but I live far from you. But I would love to make you a special print.

      2. Judy, I would love that, thank you. I’ve been up to my neck trying to finish editing my book before starting a new job, but I will get some photos of Juliette scanned at a place close by.

      3. I’ve been working on my book for three years now and totally relate. Our book is a metaphor for our life, you know. I find my passion for it is a blanket that has comforted me greatly. Good luck with your book, Geves, and send me a photo when you’re able. If I have a chance, I’ll play around with your lo-res one to show you some options. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, I really think she is too. I would love for you to read my book. I’m finishing off the final edit at the moment and will keep you posted about publishing news.

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