New treasure

wpid-20130408_214454.jpgEaster at the parents, and our mother’s threat to empty drawers full of our old exerise books and letters, drove me and my sister Dani to spend an evening sorting. We found long-forgotten photographs too, and some of these were of Juliette.

Gorgeous, smiley girl.

wpid-20130408_214514.jpg Dani’s wedding

wpid-20130408_214601.jpgPlaying hospitals.

wpid-20130408_214415.jpg Happy, hairless days.

5 thoughts on “New treasure

  1. God she’s just scrummy. Even ill, she looks milk-fed and delicious. I’m so glad you have found more photos of her.

  2. Her pictures touch me so. Recently, I found more pictures of my son, Jason. He died 20 years ago and I know how much it means to treasure those images. I looked at his pictures longer than he was alive (he lived to be 5). You are deeply grieving her, Geves, and my heart breaks for you. It takes a long time to feel any peace and I pray you will eventually reach that place.She is always with you.

      1. I know you just had an anniversary of the heart. I thought of you and sent you a message because those days are so tough. Now it has passed and you creep up to the next one. It is a long process, but I love the way you share about her and that is very beautiful and healing for you. Hang in there.

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