Birthday ballade


So, I spent all day in a remote polling outpost for today’s local elections and I’m only just home from delivering my ballot box to the count. I love taking part, but now I’m a little wired so I’m trying to unwind with a large glass of Harveys and to knock the edge off the day by catching up on work emails. Meanwhile I can’t wait for the morning, because Steph has a big birthday next week and he has no idea we’re off to the Peaks tomorrow for the weekend as an early birthday present. We keep talking about going to the Peaks for the walking and the views, and we’re finally doing it. He never reads my blog, so shhhhhhh… all is pretty good with the world right now.

4 thoughts on “Birthday ballade

  1. where are the Peaks? My husband doesn’t discuss my blog unless it’s technical, and I thought he also wasn’t reading, but he surprised me by knowing which post I needed help with by the title and content.

    1. The Peak District is a national park in England, SusanB. Really beautiful part of the world and a wonderful place to spend a couple of days walking and sleeping. I’m pretty sure Steph doesn’t read my blog. He hasn’t read my book yet either…

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